The wood industry produces an important volume of scraps as a results of its various processing.
The suction of the dust, the cleaning of the environments and the machinery, are very important for the safety of the workers and the good operation of the machinery.


All the environments where the atmosphere could be saturated with wood residues are classified as ATEX environments.
The saturation of the atmosphere by these powders, in fact, could generate atmospheres with a high risk of explosion.

It is therefore important to always keep the processing machinery clean in order to reduce the possibility of dust dispersion and to rely on efficient suction systems.

Machinery productivity

All woodworking machinery, such as molders, sanding machines, saws or brushing machines, produce large quantities of scrap.

Often these machines must be connected to a suction systems that require large quantities of air and that are able to work simultaneously.
This leads to the construction of very large and expensive dedusting plants.

The choice of savings in these cases would lead to the purchase of inefficient systems, not suitable for continuous processing and not adaptable to any change in technology over the years.

Furthermore, many of these systems, over the time, reduce their efficiency due to the clogging of the filters and their difficult cleaning and maintenance. All these problems lead to the reduction of the production capacity of the machines.



Fevi offers customized solutions for each individual machine.
The customer, thus, has the possibility of having his machines always work at full capacity, reduces the energy costs of the cleaning, modulate the aspirator according to real need, and easier maintenance.

Furthermore, the initial investment is minimal and there is no risk of stopping the production process because all our vacuums are on wheels and can be easily moved, if necessary.




The suction of wood dust is hard because it’s very volatile and it is necessary to use specifically designed industrial dust vacuum cleaners with specific filtering systems that are different from the conventional industrial vacuum cleaners.

Due to its lightness, during the suction flow, the dust quickly sticks to the filter causing several problems to the machine.


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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers