The metalworking industry produces metal shavings that requires a thorough cleaning in all the machining centers to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Suction of oils and metal shavings and separation

To meet these needs, our OIL and SUBOIL models are industrial vacuums designed to be able to suck up dust, liquids, oils and shavings.

In our vacuums, the filtration and separation of the liquid parts from the solid ones takes place in a stainless steel grid basket, which allows to carry out a macro-filtration of the materials and to reuse the refrigerant oil.

In addition, the separation unit can be equipped with a 300 nylon filter, increasing the filtration of the oil before being reused by the machine.


Our industrial vacuum cleaners, unlike others of equal use, also have a dust filter, allowing them to be used for general cleaning without having to purchase a dedicated vacuum cleaner.
By reusing the sucked oil, savings are guaranteed on the purchase of refrigerant oil and the disposal of used oil.

Oil models - Reverse flow for liquid discharge

For this type of application the OIL models of our industrial vacuum cleaners, are equipped with an automatic liquid stop system, allowing the vacuum cleaner to be switched off at the maximum liquid level that can be reached.
The emptying of the sucked liquids is simple, efficient and fast thanks to the Fevi flow inversion system, which uses the air produced by the turbine to expel the sucked liquids, overcoming the use of pumps or the gravity fall systems.

SUBOIL models - Automatic pump for liquid discharge

The SUBOIL models have the advantage of maintaining small dimensions despite having an unlimited containment capacity and are capable of working autonomously and continuously, thanks to its stainless steel pump for evacuating liquids and a double float.

The first float has the safety function of automatically switching off the machine when the maximum liquid level is reached, the second allows automatic re-ignition when the container is emptied.
Any problem of pump blockage due to muddy materials is overcome by the inversion of flow which, through the air, frees obstructions in the passage of the liquid.


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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers