The shipbuilding industry dates back centuries ago.
The evolution of technology has led to the introduction of increasingly lighter, malleable, and resistant materials.
For years, fiberglass has been the most commonly used composite in shipbuilding which offers advantages in terms of quality and construction, but the exhalations and the dust produced by the processing can be extremely dangerous for the health of the operators.

The dust coming from these processes is extremely fine and volatile. For this reason, maintaining professional cleaning in the working environment avoids the airborne dispersion and the saturation of dust in the workplaces.


HEPA filter

The use of industrial dust vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter systems is essential to ensure maximum filtration efficiency and a healthier construction site. Whether they are used for cleaning the workplace, for the suction located directly on the cutting or on the grinding tools used by operators.

Fevi has a wide range of the best industrial vacuum cleaners for fine dust.
Ranging from the most manageable and practical single-phase models to work alongside workers or three-phase models ideal for the most demanding applications or for the construction of centralized systems.
Our patented system for filter cleaning is the most appreciated feature by customers in these sectors.

This system offers the possibility to minimize the clogging of the filters and maintain a constant and efficient suction performance over time, ensuring constant professional cleaning.


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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers