With the increasingly request for industrial vacuum cleaners that can safely remove aluminum dust, Fevi decided to provide detailed information about the relative ATEX measures and the ATEX certification of his vacuum cleaners.

The risk of explosion due to the nature of this material depends on its chemical composition and can cause explosions during suction.

Aluminum is a common material that is used in various sectors for the manufacturing of many products.

The methods of processing aluminum are therefore varied and often harmless, however certain applications can result in significant danger if in presence of explosive atmospheres.


The primary conditions necessary for aluminum to become highly dangerous depend on its granulometry and composition.
When found in the form of atomized dust, this material is particularly explosive and highly volatile when in contact with the air. Atomised aluminum is used for the production of paints or cosmetics.
Another example of its dangerousness could be if used as a catalyst in the chemical industry.

In general, it is usually good practice to prevent the formation of dangerous combustible dust whilst maintaining a dust-free workplace.
We recommend the use of one of our best industrial vacuum cleaners for fine dust that is specifically designed to eliminate the build-up of dust, either on production machinery or in the workplace to ensure a proper professional cleaning.


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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers