Glass processing

The glass industry requires industrial vacuum cleaners that can be used throughout the production process, from the preparation and mixing of raw materials, to the suction of finished product waste or to the cleaning of maintenance machinery.

The high toxicity of the powders used in the chemical composition of the glass, like silicon sand, can bring respiratory diseases.

Other powders almost always used in the composition of the glass can cause irritation.

It is therefore essential to handle the materials in order to minimize the dispersion of dust in the environment and maintaining always the proper professional cleaning.

Another application for which an industrial vacuum cleaner for dust can provide safety in these environments is the suction of dust deriving from the grinding actions of the glass that expose the operators to the inhalation of these, despite the operation being performed wet.

Last, but certainly not least, is the suction of possible debris from glass processing or the recycling industry.
In this case the risk comes from the possible contact with the material that could injure the operators.

Fevi can provide ad hoc industrial vacuum cleaners for each solution in the glass industry according to the specific needs of the customer, be it for the handling of dust, both to eliminate toxic fumes, and for the suction of debris.


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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers