Why Fevi

The choice of a FEVI product is the beginning of a path shared with the customers who immediately receive support in the analysis of their needs as a first step to finally find a suitable solution.

Choosing FEVI means establishing a trusting relationship over time that goes beyond a simple purchase, a shared path to take that meets transparency, fairness, honesty, respect, trust and innovation.

Federico Viglioli,
Managing Director


Made in Italy craftsmanship

Each item we make is cared for and checked down to the smallest detail in all stages of production, also thanks to the partnerships with our suppliers that originate mutual growth and development.

FEVI products are 100% made in Italy.
Thanks to our commitment and passion we always manage to guarantee the highest quality to our customers.

The final assembly takes place within our company to submit the product to our internal quality control and then proceed with the final packaging and shipment.

FEVI has always worked to bring new technologies and resources to the market, to strengthen its brand and the idea of a company capable of remaining at the top of the reference market.

FEVI is committed every day to continue to be the reference point for surface treatment systems and to guarantee its customers real benefits and satisfaction.


Sustainability and the environment 

We design and market technologically advanced sandblasting and industrial suction systems developed in compliance with environmental protection.



Search for means and systems capable of minimising the environmental impact.


Maintaining a high level of safety for the operator without indirectly causing environmental pollution problems.


Finding ever better solutions, based on our experience and the use of new eco-sustainable technologies, which is the method behind our company.



  • 1997

    The challenge begins

    FEVI was founded in Monticelli Terme (Parma) in 1997 thanks to the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of Federico Viglioli when he was only twenty years old.
    At first the business included just a few pieces and everything was done in a small factory, but it was supported by an important ingredient: the passion for work. 
    Federico Viglioli’s objective was to design, experiment and promote new sandblasting systems and systems for the treatment of surfaces.

  • 1999

    Sand Blaster
    the small sandblaster from which it all began

    1999 marks the success of the first project, the Sand Blaster, which was the premise for new ideas and for the achievement of new ambitious goals.
    Over time, a new conception of the sandblasting system was born which proposed machinery capable of carrying out engraving, decoration, restoration techniques, far innovative compared to those already existing.

  • 2000

    The growth of a dense distribution network closer to the customer

    In 2000 FEVI. stood out for its strong internal and market growth. The business expanded and its commercial distribution network throughout the domestic territory and abroad increased enormously. Product quality and customer satisfaction have always been the two most important factors for FEVI . Thanks to the contribution of the customers themselves and to better meet their requirements, FEVI designed and developed its plants also on the basis of a constant exchange of opinions to improve the product. Besides the basic equipment, the Company also supplies all the necessary consumer materials, offering assistance, technical support and post-sales assistance

  • 2007

    New headquarters capable of meeting the new objectives: the Industrial Vacuum Cleaners division was born

    In addition to the inauguration of the new company headquarters, in 2007 an idea arrived destined to become a business, FEVI diversified its company by adding the marketing of industrial vacuum cleaners.
  • 2010

    The range of professional sandblasters and industrial vacuum cleaners is wide and appreciated

    The year 2010 is marked by progress and innovation: new plants and new technologies are introduced for both divisions.
    The Industrial Vacuums division increases the range, but above all, consolidates its position on the market by inserting the pneumatic conveyors and centralized aspirations.
  • 2012

    The LautoS range is born: non-stop industrial vacuums

    In 2012 the industrial vacuums division welcomes the new technology of the Lautos series, created to guarantee maximum performance in extreme conditions where continuous use or connection to machinery in production is expected.
  • 2014

    FEVI live

    2014 marks the birth of the FEVI live streaming communication channel as a support tool for assistance, sales and after-sales.
  • 2015

    Focus on the customer: FEVI Channel

    Kicks off with a focus on communication, exemplified by the birth of FEVI Channel, the new free training channel.
    FEVI, forever attentive to the needs of its clients, also sets up a new toll-free number for assistance: 800 951 591. Also worth noting is the company’s entry into the shipbuilding sector thanks to a special range of vacuum industrials.
  • 2017

    FEVI 20th anniversary

    2017 marks a very important milestone: 20 years of business. A result achieved with great determination, sacrifice and respect for customers

  • 2019

    FEVI for Cleaning

    FEVI introduces a new line of systems for eco-friendly cleaning of surfaces.
    The Company is able to consolidate its brand in the Cleaning sector by taking part in the “ Pulire 2019 ” international fair.

  • 2020

    FEVI Digital House is born: Online training and in-depth events dedicated to the world of sandblasting

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, in 2020 participation in trade fairs becomes more difficult, consequently FEVI offers customers a new opportunity, digital meeting.
    FEVI, which has always been proactive and attentive to new communication systems, after the intensification of the usual live video conferences with FeviRoom during the lockdown, starting from 20 October 2020, has presented a series of FREE training and in-depth events dedicated to the world of sandblasting within the new "Fevi Digital House" platform.

  • 2022

    FEVI 25th Anniversary

    “When I began this great adventure, in a small garage and in my early twenties, it was already very clear what my goals were: to fully understand the needs of my customers and to provide real, concrete and reliable solutions. With the development of industrial sandblasters and vacuum cleaners, in sectors ranging from the tombstone processing to the shipyard, from the bodywork to the industry, my aim was, and always will be, to provide improved and innovative services and products, and to be a point of reference for insiders.
    I thank those who crossed our path and who accompanied us, some for a short distance and some for longer, in these twenty-five years of constant growth.
    Happy Birthday FEVI "

    Federico Viglioli
    2022 September



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Questions and Answers