The residues

The sandblasting process produces a considerable deposit of residues. These deposits are composed of sand and metal residues with a high specific weight that require the use of industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power and a higher installed power, preferring a high depression.

Industrial vacuum cleaners that correspond to these characteristics can be powered electrically or with compressed air, using the Venturi system.
For the electric models, a high-head side channel turbine is used and, if necessary, they can also be equipped with an inverter, to further increase the suction power useful for collecting heavy material.

What to do

The residues to be vacuumed in this area are particularly abrasive, therefore they require the use of specific pipes and some constructive precautions, such as the use of replaceable Vulkolan rubbers inside the machine, which prevent the vacuumed material from eroding the metal construction of the vacuum cleaner.

For this type of suction it is necessary to build a particularly sturdy machine with the predisposition for a possible forking with the forklift.

On our industrial vacuums it is possible to install separators or ad hoc exhaust systems, which allow the reuse of the material necessary for the sandblasting process, and can also be useful to increase the containment capacity of the sucked material.


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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers