Industrial suction units for rent

This service stems from the need to offer a service able to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. Easy Nolo is a rental system that offers the possibility of choosing from a wide selection of industrial suction units. After a careful technical analysis and after establishing the features of the unit object of the service, the user can choose one of the following options:

- Rental of units for a limited time
- Long-term rental
- Rental of units with possibility of purchasing them

The trend is constantly growing: the system is widely used in industries, professional offices and public administration offices, which find it convenient also from a fiscal point of view.

Advantages of Rental Units

There are several reasons for choosing  Easy Nolo instead of purchasing the unit, from the possibility of focusing on the core business, to the transformation of variable costs in fixed costs.
Easy Nolo compared to purchasing allows you to:

- save capital
- fiscally recover the cost immediately.
- verify the real advantage offered by using the unit and then decide to purchase it
- avoid all aspects concerning the management of the unit.
- keep your unit in top condition, avoiding all problems concerned shutdown for maintenance purposes.
- pay a fixed monthly fee, calculated according to the real use of the unit. This allows for an accurate cost planning, thus avoiding unforeseen expenses.

Thanks to the monthly fee, with Easy Nolo you can free your capital and invest them in other activities


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