Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Lautos

lautos aspiratori industriali


The LautoS series was created to ensure maximum performance in extreme conditions, where there is continued use of or connection to machinery in production.

This new technology is based on the completely automatic cyclic cleaning of three special filter cartridges, without the operator having to stop the suction.

The special structure of the filters is composed of an outer part made ​​of conductive material that permits the discharge of the electrostatic current generated during suction, and an inner part in Hepa class, able to filter out 99.99% of 0.3-micron dust, ensuring a more secure and dust-free work environment.





The 3 filters are protected by the special patented cyclone, which prevents the problem of premature clogging of the filter



The blowing, along with the vibration, allows the perfect cleaning of the filters from any type of material.



A bulkhead between the three filters prevents dust falling from one filter from settling on the others that are still in the suction phase



4. The suction is always present even during the cyclic cleaning phase of the filters.


Regular cleaning of the cartridges happens every 60 seconds:
the system suspends each of the filters alternately, by actuating the vibration and the blowing for about 1.5 seconds. They are activated directly, without the help of means outside of the aspirator.

The patented LautoS system, unlike the filter cleaning systems on the market, does not take away from the values ​​of the air flow and depression generated by the turbine.
Very often, in order to shake or blow the filter cartridges, either the air exiting the same turbine, the compressed air, or the intake air is used. This creates an undeniable decline in performance of the vacuum.

LautoS is concrete evidence, technically demonstrable, of the possibility of a vacuum cleaner to restore the filtering capacity in just a few seconds, ensuring a continuous operation, without any loss of performance.



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