Aspiratori LMA 300 - Serie Lautos MINI

Aspirazione a Sacco Continuo HSB

lautos aspiratori industriali

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Solids, Powders, Liquids, Oils

LMA 300

  • Power 3,6 Kw
  • Voltage 230v 50 Hz
  • Filter Shaker semi automatico
  • Filtration Class M
  • Air Flow 450 M3/h
  • Depression Max 230mbar
  • Capacity 50 L
  • Dimensions  80x60xh118 Cm
  • Weight 65 Kg

The LMA 300 vacuum is a real innovation in the field of industrial vacuuming: with this series, it is possible to aspirate powders, solids, and liquids at the same time, never replacing the type of filter.


This innovative series allows the filter to remain dry even during the aspiration of liquids and thanks to a stainless steel mesh basket, and to separate the solid parts. This allows in the case of use of machine tools, the regeneration of used oils and coolants.




In addition to this, the LMA 300 series, thanks to the electric float provided, allows the automatic interruption of the vacuum during the suction of liquids, once the maximum number of liters aspirated has been reached.




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