Aspiratori Aspiratore industriale per polveri - Serie Lautos MINI LM300

Aspirazione a Sacco Continuo HSB

lautos aspiratori industriali

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Dust

LM 300

  • Power 3 Kw
  • Voltage 230v 50 Hz
  • Filter Shaker Auto
  • Filtration Class H
  • Air Flow 450 m3 / h
  • Depression Max 230mbar
  • Capacity 50 LL
  • Dimensions  80x60xh118 cm
  • Weight 65 Kg

The LM 300 models are equipped with integrated automatic cleaning of the filters. The filtering parts are pressured cyclically thanks to an effective vibrating action, so as to ensure a constant suction performance, without any intervention by the operator and without ever interrupting the suction.

Inside, three filter cartridges are positioned, consisting of an outer part made of conductive material (which allows the discharge of the current electrostatics) and an internal part in HEPA class that makes the working environment safer and dust-free.

The protection of the filters is entrusted to a special patented stainless steel cyclone, which together with the tangential entrance, increases the efficiency of the vacuum.







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